Best Kodi Addons

Best Kodi Addons 2018 [Updated List 2018]

Still searching for Best Kodi Addons list or for Kodi Addons exodus. Kodi addons list consist for movies. live TV, sports etc. Here on mytechelite you will list of Best Kodi Addons 2017 2018

Best Kodi Addons
Best Kodi Addons

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About Kodi

Kodi is a video streaming application developed for android, but after so many requests and suggestions. Kodi is been developed specially for the smart televisions out there. Using Kodi you can change your smart television into a computer which cannot play games but do pretty much anything your computer is capable of.

There are thousands and thousands of addons available for kodi to make it more interesting and efficient. Some of them are fake and contains too but the trusted and regular ones are very useful for a smart TV user. So, In this post I will list the top 5 best kodi addons for everyone.

Best Kodi Addons

1) SpotiMC

If you are a music lover. I am sure everyone is, you will love the Spotify application which is available for the smartphone, android, iOS, windows, etc. It is the number one mobile application for streaming songs online with over 35 million songs in its database. SpotiMC is the television version of the application used to stream songs of any type, any language right through your TV and enjoy it. This application has millions of fans due to its songs collection, user interface, categorization of songs, etc.

2) Earth CAM:

This is a wonderful add-on for kodi which also has millions of active users, this is a kind of fun add-on which is also useful in a million ways, this add-on provides free web cam stream of many public cams from all around the world, the types of streams are divided into 3 types, worldwide, USA and Features cams. Using this add-on, you can lie stream webcams and CCTV cameras in public, this will help you to analyze traffics from home and choose a different path, etc.

3) Netflix:

Everyone knows Netflix, it is a famous video streaming site and application which provides a lot of movies and series, some of them are also of their own production. Some of the best features of this add-on is it provides cool user interface, and also provides each video in them from a low resolution to 4K resolution, so if you own a 4K television then you can enjoy the video is high resolution which will give you a very wonderful experience.

4) YouTube:

This is the best add-on kodi, everyone knows YouTube which is the number one video stream platform in the world. Whatever type of video you search for, you will get a YouTube video, so it is available in almost all platform, therefore in kodi also it is available as an add-on installing which you can stream all the YouTube videos in HD and also save them for offline purpose.

5) Bucky Movies:

Many people use kodi to watch movies and TV series, so this is the best add-on which provides all types of movies, in all languages and also it has some unique features like 4K streaming, 3D videos, etc. They also provide subtitle and dubbed voices in different languages which no other add-on does. If you are using kodi to stream movies, then this is a must try addon.

Hope you all enjoyed the list of Best Kodi Addons.

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