Best Web Hosting Sites In India 2018 [Latest List]

People who are new to Blogging, may get confused about Best Web Hosting Sites In India. Hosting is must for a blog, without hosting blog cannot be live. It’s often many newbie blogger gets confused about Best Web Hosting Sites. So on mytechelite we have a good list of Best Web Hosting Sites 2017. This list is perfect for Cheap Web Hosting India or say Best Web Hosting Sites In India. If you are looking for WordPress Hosting Comparison than you must read this Full Post. Read 50 Best WordPress Plugins and Improve Alexa Rank

In blogger you get free hosting, but blogger is very strict as it is owned by google. It can terminate your blog without warning you. So its best better to shift your blog on wordpress, if it’s on blogger. WordPress plugins makes your work easier. You must try Fastest WordPress Hosting. There are many companies for hosting, its better to select the proper one, don’t go for cheaper one. Have a foresightness and think if you have a hosting from a reputed site your site will never have problems like server down. Big brands have good services, your money will not get wasted. Web Hosting in India is Growing Rapidly. Read Components of SEO

Best Web Hosting Sites In India
Best Web Hosting Sites In India

Why Hosting is Required ?

Hosting is must for a blog/website. Without hosting, blog cannot be live or active. A hosting company makes it possible for your site or blog to be live. When you buy a web hosting plan it will manage the maintenance and repair of the server and also all backend concerns. You might still confused What is WordPress Hosting. Read this full post about Best Web Hosting Sites In India.


Best Web Hosting Sites In India

Dreamhost Review

DreamHost was set back in 1997 at a college room with a group of four friends. The service is built on top of open-source technology and the provider’s dedication to customer success is worth. As of this writing, DreamHost offers web hosting, cloud, and domain name registration services to over 1.5 million sites all around the world. The business supports over 400,000 web designers, content creators, web developers, entrepreneurs, and small companies with the ability of the Open Internet.

Among the greatest features DreamHost has to offer WordPress webmasters is that their staff is filled with qualified WordPress experts that could help out with issues which may be specific to their own content management system (CMS). In actuality, the business is now powering 750,000 WordPress installations.

DreamHost’s commitment to embracing open-source technology and providing unparalleled service to all their clients makes the company stand out in the audience. A good foundation raises the bar even further and with DreamHost we expect only the finest when it comes to reliability, speed, functionality, customer service, and ease of use.

Hosting Speed

DreamHost’s WordPress programs are tailored to provide optimum performance with the DreamPress 2 feature that provides multiple layers of caching, isolated server tools, and a highly tuned version of PHP. In this section, we will put this attribute to the test and see how well it stacks up.

The only question left is how DreamHost’s WordPress hosting really performs in a real-world situation? As it so happens, it performs unexpectedly. For our speed tests, we used a test site with the default Sixteen set up and no plugins. The test site also did not have any caching solutions installed or activated on it which would otherwise prevent us from getting real numbers.

The GTMetrix test server, located in Vancouver, Canada, reported that the 118 KB page loaded in an impressive 0.8 minutes. Here’s a quick peek in the history created by GT Metrix which reveals the page load times varying between 0.8 minutes and 1.2 seconds. According to the Pingdom test results, the 143 KB page size packed in a mere 246 ms. The test server was located in nyc. Our site loaded quicker than 99 percent of the analyzed sites!

DreamHost is backed by a group of professionals and WordPress specialists offering dedicated support to all their customers. The business’s in-house Sales and Support staff is available around the clock to help you out whenever you need it. Existing customers simply login to their website’s control panel and send in a ticket with their query. Along with their own ticketing system, DreamHost also includes a full size Knowledge Base that webmasters can use to troubleshoot any problems they may encounter. And if that was not enough, a committed Chat Forum is also available where you can get useful solutions posted by community members.

If the service encounters issues or upcoming maintenance windows they then immediately place it in their committed System Status website which not only raises transparency with the support but lets webmasters know beforehand when they can anticipate scheduled upkeep and access special announcements. While there’s undoubtedly an abundance of information available on their site, DreamHost does not offer live chat functionality which adversely impacts its overall grade.

DreamHost now offers both shared and managed hosting for WordPress websites. Depending upon your website’s hosting needs, you can opt for any one of them fully rest assured that they will not be heavy on your wallet. To start things off, DreamHost goes the extra mile by installing WordPress for you once you sign up with one of the plans. Those who are not as tech savvy as other can get the most out of the service by having them take care of everything from installation to hosting or even on a shared hosting plan.

DreamHost’s award-winning shared hosting program is a excellent option for webmasters that are only beginning and would like to try the hosting waters. This cost-effective solution provides one-click WordPress install on multiple domains and a free domain name for the first year.

On the hosting program with DreamPress, DreamHost pre-installs and pre-configures everything for you beforehand so that you can begin with running your business straight away. Layered caching and isolated server tools make this service all the more better. The service also provides solid state drives (SSDs) that are certain to load your site up to 200 percent faster. Now that is true managed hosting!

Basic set of attributes for Shared and Dedicated Hosting

  • Lots of email.
    Effortless to browse the control panel.
  • DreamPress 2 Characteristics (Managed Hosting)
  • When you are ready to take things to another level then DreamPress 2 provides:
  • Double VPS servers.
    Optional PHP 7 or HHVM.
    Ready for e-commerce.

Shared WordPress hosting has a price tag of $10.95 per month and $9.95 if billed annually; $7.95 if billed for a term of 3 years and provides an affordable plan for webmasters that are kicking off things or for sites which receive traffic. Managed WordPress hosting with DreamPress is available for $19.95 a month ($16.95 if billed annually) and features all the basic functionality along with the innovative DreamPress 2 features.

If you’re unsatisfied with the service, you can take them up on their 97-day money back guarantee. At the end of the day, picking a hosting provider is dependent upon a few different elements like the features on offer, speed, security, client service, and your budget.

Speed : As we saw from the webpage speed test results, DreamHost’s hosting strategy performs incredibly well with remarkable page loading times. However, the test results also revealed a substantial quantity of variance in page rate ranging from 0.8 minutes to 1.2 minutes.

Security : In regards to security, DreamHost delivers WordPress-specific firewall on their hosting plan that’s tuned to block any vulnerabilities and provides brute-force attack mitigation. However, the shared hosting solution does not provide this feature.

Customer Care : Using a ticketing based client service module, in depth knowledge base, and a dedicated discussion, DreamHost goes all out when it comes to delivering premium excellent support to all their customers. Though a live chat facility is not available , the service staff is available round the clock to assist you with your ticketed queries. DreamHost does a live chat service.

Budget : So far as shared hosting and managed hosting go, DreamHost provides a cost effective hosting package that provides webmasters all of the perfect features in a package that will not break the bank.

As a bonus, DreamHost provides hosting plans which are fine-tuned to your WordPress website. WordPress does, in fact, have its own set of prerequisites intact which are advocated for hosting solutions to stick together and DreamHost does exactly that.

Overall, DreamHost is a great hosting solution for webmasters that want to try out the waters with shared hosting or pawn off their site’s maintenance to a managed hosting provider. Not only do you get great value for money but the service also ensures stability, superb bandwidth, and ease of use. The service does fall short on two factors — it does not provide live chat/telephonic customer care and the security features are not on par with what other top hosting providers are providing.

DreamHost Hosting Plans

Hostgator Review

HostGator stays privately owned to those days. Brent Oxley is the founder of the business, during his college days in 2002, and remains as the CEO. The business today hosts more than 8 million domain names with over 400,000 clients across 200 nations. It began in Florida, but the rapid expansion has necessitated a move to Texas in 2007.

HG also has an Indian subsidiary (you camera find it in Additionally, it has also set up a Brazilian office in

Overall headcount on the payroll is reported to be in the region of 200 but it’s set to become 400 in two years time. It’s unquestionably a legitimate hosting company, although I do not think all subsidiaries are great web hosts. HG has an intriguing mix of services on offer, but they actually make their name by being ultra aggressive in the budget shared hosting plans.

Three shared hosting services are available here –


2)Baby and


In order of their comprehensiveness of their service alternatives and support provision.Aside from those, the organization also offer reseller programs, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, alongside with an affiliate program. I did examine HG’s profile on the Better Business Bureau’s official site and discovered that HostGator was a BBB Accredited Business because 5/1/2008, also enjoys an A+ rating (the highest possible).

In terms of customer complaints, there’s a total of 128 complaints against the business, out of which 63 were really about their goods and services (i.e, hosting, domain registration etc). Thankfully, however, it feels like all these issues are solved. Whenever I see that, it makes me feel somewhat better about a business knowing that crappy companies typically don’t care about their clients and their public image, so that they won’t bother responding to each and every complaint.

HostGator offers a vast array of website hosting packages starting from $3.96/mo..

1. Hatchling Plan – Beginning at $3.96/mo

2. Baby Plan – Beginning at $6.36/mo

3. Business Plan – Beginning at $10.36/mo

To cater for the varied needs of the current market, they also add in various reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers, for clients who demanded more than a normal shared hosting plan.

For a complete listing on individual package, please refer to their official site. Also, bear in mind that these costs change simply because they do offers prices and promotional discounts from time to time, as well as you can find loads of usable coupons on the internet which could bring your total cost a little down.

HostGator operates their data centre from 4 rented facilities, all possessed by The Planet, in Texas. UPS power supply, fire detection and 24/7 monitoring by in-house technical personnel make sure of their safety and security for their 12,000 on-site.

The business engages with 10 separate fiber suppliers and use hardware from Time Warner and AT&T. The guaranteed uptime is 99.9 percent (but I can not find any stats on their site). For more regular service status upgrades, clients can rely on regular RSS feeds.

Back ups are performed each week in the data centre for many accounts bar dedicated servers. If you can provide the backup file, then there’s absolutely not any levy involved. For a business which hosts over 8 million domain names, the business is fairly transparent about its employees, resources and solutions.

Additionally, it manages to attract high-profile spouses, also: Cisco, AT&T, Dell are just some example of the marquee companies HG works with. More importantly, the business has a strict policy which keeps it from overselling, which means you’ll need to adhere to the potential agreed upon. There may be an exception in the event of a VPS or dedicated server, where you would have total control on capacity, albeit at your own risk.
Support & Customer Support

24/7 live chat support, an FAQ, email service and toll-free telephone service (for US customers only) are one of the support capability given. The business never gets clear if the service staff are locally based or outsourced.

A portal site is provided to facilitate support and billing. Customers can update their accounts, participate in user forums, access the knowledge base and check out video tutorials on a multitude of technical issues which has the potential to stumble upon. The portal takes a separate login from the one used for Cpanel.

For all Linux programs, HostGator would include Cpanel 11 without fail, and this includes numerous choices of topics for the users. Cpanel signifies the universal access point to all of the attributes within the bundle, such as webmail, one-click backups and DNS configurations (by the way, here is a fantastic read that can allow you to understand better what DNS is and does) for Google Apps.

If your strategy is on VPS or their Linux dedicated server, then Cpanel or WHM are offered as optional. For Windows server, the package includes Plesk 11.x. Users on VPS plans are offered Virtuozzo for support administration purpose. HG provides individual billing capacity; clients have the ability to arrange payments and download invoices.

The Business shared program covers a free toll-free number for US callers. Canadian clients are charged a fee for the telephone. Clients who cancel their hosting plans no more entitle to this telephone support. As an alternative, you can get in contact with the business and make arrangement for this to turn into a paid service. To maintain your status busy, you would have to get one call minimum per month.

A few of the features provided by the majority of their packages include osCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, one-click installs, SiteBuilder, SiteStudio, Fantastico (a assortment of PHP scripts) and a range of capable stats packages. If you go to their dedicated servers program, you have the choice to allocate individual SiteBuilder templates and accounts for your customers.

An extra incentive for shared hosting providers users is a $100 Adwords credit. For reseller accounts, they receive a free upgrade to an eNom domain reseller account. The additional manual setup is necessary, but the procedure itself is quick and straightforward and shouldn’t take you more than two minutes to finish.

Whatever your plan (shared, reseller or VPS), if you cancel it within the 45-days timeframe, you’ll find a full refund. Please be aware that this doesn’t apply to the dedicated servers. Added cost items such as admin and setup fees, and domain name purchased, aren’t to be reimbursed.

The business would entertain any cancellation request if it’s delivered through a special online form. Normally it requires no more than two days for the cancellation to come into effect. If you are considering getting a refund, you’ll need to request it via the cancellation email sent from the company. So the refund can’t be taken for granted.

Pros of Hostgator Hosting

  • Established firm with more than a decade in business. As reasonable as this coverage is, it’s sadly not a standard protocol in the business.
  • If any plan you join together turns out to be unsatisfactory, you’re ready to cancel the contract and receive your entire refund provided that this is done within the first 45-day time frame.
  • A great collection of service bundles that caters to any site.
  • The addition of cPanel; that is recognized as an easy to navigate control panel using graphical interface.
  • Additionally, there are numerous helpful tools that facilitate hosting and managing your site.
  • Qualified support staff.
  • Phone support would normally put you on hold for around 6 minutes, but after the call is through, your call would be handled with such admirable professionalism.
  • Very substantial uptime. For 6 consecutive months, I put 3 different HG servers under close scrutiny and the end result is a really impressive combined downtime of only 1 hour.

Cons of Hostgator Hosting

  • They aren’t affordable. Although, individual domain names can be had for no more than $10, which isn’t just a show stopper for me.
  • The entry-level shared bundle actually leaves much to be desired and you’re entitled to just 1 domain.
  • It CMS script applications doesn’t appear to move with the market trend. In a time when everyone is converging on Softaculous, HostGator still stubbornly adhere to QuickInstall. This might not matter much, after all, you still receive the exact fundamentals (i.e. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal) but I personally would like Softaculous.
  • HG was excellence bar none in the field of customer care. However, I noticed a disturbing trend from 2013; it now takes much longer to get on the chat and anticipate a longer response time on your ticket filed.
  • HostGator is just one excellent story of rag to riches; a startup with 3 servers which has gone on to become the advertising leading player in its field.
  • This web host has been blessed to steer clear of numerous teething issues which are so commonly associated with businesses embarking on aggressive growth path: it’s still quick, reliable and stable now.
  • There’s no whine about service, and you might not ever need support with their well-designed control panel along with a range of tools (included in the basic strategies) to ease the creation and customization of your site.
  • Even though it’s not the ideal web hosting company (is there any?) , it is going to allow you to get your website up and running fast, and more importantly, it is going to let you keep your website and keep it live without a lot of headache and hassle.

The main point of the review is that I really do advocate HostGator if you’re looking for reliable business.


Hostgator Hosting Plans

Bluehost India Hosting Review



Bluehost is among the world’s largest web hosting companies. Choosing a hosting company can be confusing with so many diverse companies competing for your business. Why is Bluehost unique and distinct from any other web hosting alternative? In this review, we’ll be looking at a few of this provider’s features, pros and cons and if it offers a great overall value for web hosting.

Highlights of Bluehost Web Hosting

  1. Bluehost has been offering hosting since 1996, and is currently used by over two million sites around the world.
  2. Bluehost operates its own data centers, rather than utilizing outsourced technology as many businesses do.
  3. Offers many different hosting options, from shared hosting to dedicated servers.
  4. Shared web hosting plans offer features like unlimited storage and domain names, $200 bonuses, free domain registration, money back guarantee and 24/7 support.
  5. Bluehost enables customers to install scripts like WordPress with just one click. You can even install software that are useful for online companies, such as shopping carts.


Features of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

  1. Affordable – It is based on the sort of specials are now running, Bluehost frequently has web hosting plans for as low as $3.95 a month. It’s difficult to beat that price with a large and knowledgeable web host. Their staff is educated and fluent in English, which isn’t always the case when you call big companies nowadays.
  2. Money Back Guarantee – All programs have a 30 day money back guarantee. After that, you can still receive a prorated refund at any time.
  3. Scalable – With so many types of hosting, it is easy to update within Bluehost if your site or business grows. You may install this popular blogging and CMS program with one click. If you would like a more secure and quicker WP website, you may also get Bluehost’ WordPress web hosting plan. Including advertising credits with Google and Facebook. Bluehost also provides free and paid programs, such as Google Apps and integration with Weebly.
  4. Just Linux Servers – Many customers are pleased with Linux servers, but if you’re seeking Windows servers for some reason, you can’t get those with Bluehost.
  5. Migration Cost – While some hosting companies will migrate your site to their servers at no cost, Bluehost charges nearly $100 for this service. You get a much better deal if you register for two or three decades. They do not, but let you pay month to month, which is a drawback if you’re low on cash.
  6. Hosting Plans & Price whilst Bluehost offers a number of different web hosting options, the vast majority of its clients opt for shared hosting, the cheapest option. Bluehost provides three shared hosting plans -Starter, Plus and Business Guru. Let’s look at a number of the main features provided by each one of those web hosting plans.
  7. Starter – This program permit you to have a couple of sites, but includes unlimited bandwidth and storage. Though you can only have two domain names with this program, you can have up to 25 sub domains. Additionally, it provides 500 MB of storage.
  8. Plus – This is Bluehost’s hottest plan. It permits you to get unlimited sites and sub-domains. This makes it an excellent solution for folks that plan to construct a number of blogs or websites.
  9. Business Plus -In addition to all the advantages of the Plus program, with this one you get additional amenities such as an SSL security certificate, one dedicated IP address, domain name privacy and SiteBackup Guru for additional security.

In addition to these shared hosting web hosting programs, you can also choose among many different choices like WordPress Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated Servers and Reseller Hosting.

BlueHost Hosting Plans

Site Ground Web Hosting Review

SiteGround has recently become one of few web hosts listed on WordPress’ hosting site. The business was founded in 2004 by a group of college students and has steadily earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable hosts in the area of WordPress. However, WordPress is not the only CMS this host supports.

SiteGround also offers hosting options for Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and PrestaShop. These are available in shared hosting, cloud, dedicated and reseller hosting packages.


  1. Quick Overview
  2. Performance
  3. Uptime
  4. Support

Benefits of Hosting with SiteGround

Performance and customer service, including the individual services that a business offers, are two big components you want to think about when deciding on a web host. Performance is just one aspect of your business’ success. After all, your customers can not see what amazing products, services and content you offer if they can’t access your website. Let’s discuss what things you need to look forward to as a customer of SiteGround.

1.Uptime is an important point to consider when choosing a host, and we’re happy to report how reputable SiteGround’s servers are in terms of keeping your website live and active on a consistent basis. Our SiteGround server experienced no downtime in the length of our test.

2. Speed – Whether your server loads is crucial, but slow-loading servers are just as bad. Fortunately, our host at SiteGround loaded in under 1 minute when analyzed with Pingdom, and the response time results in Uptime Robot prove how consistent site speed is over time.

3. Quality Support- Especially for WordPress Users Excellent customer service is a significant highlight of becoming a SiteGround customer. This server offers 24/7 ticket, live chat, and telephone support. WordPress users will be delighted to hear that this server offers top-tier WordPress-related support. However, it needs to be noted that this support is mainly geared toward WordPress novices who want assistance with common WordPress-related issues and popular WordPress plugins and themes.

While SiteGround does everything it can to decrease the number of service requests its staff receives, it also does everything it can to ensure its staff can handle those support requests. This includes over staffing all shifts and integrating in-house monitoring and load-balancing systems to optimize the way its staff handles requests.

When you submit a support request and get a reply, you will have access to your personal profile of the customer service representative you are speaking with. This profile will list that representative’s years of experience, technical background and other pertinent information. SiteGround also has a large knowledge base full of hundreds of articles. These articles are designed to help you navigate your way through common issues you may experience, issues that frequently happen through no fault of the internet host.

We’ve already explained how this server offers WordPress-specific support for WordPress users, but this isn’t the only service it offers exclusively for WordPress users. The first service is SiteGround Super Cacher, an in-house WordPress plugin which takes care of your site’s caching needs so you don’t have to rely on a third party plugin. SiteGround also has a few security practices it uses to protect your site against attacks. It starts with a powerful firewall that blocks access to your website and proceeds with close monitoring of any vulnerabilities which exist in WordPress files. Including WordPress core files and popular plugins.

After the host discovers vulnerabilities, it implements server-level fixes to protect your site while the developers of the files in question work on upgrades. Auto updates will also be available on all WordPress hosting plans. You can also turn it off if you would like to perform updates manually.

A staging area can be available with GoGeek shared hosting plans and higher. This staging area lets you design your site in a controlled, offline environment. Additionally, it lets you test new code and changes without affecting the way your site operates for front-end users. All it takes is one click to go live as soon as you’re ready.

Advanced features are also available for experienced developers. This includes WP-CLI, a feature which lets you perform installations and updates from the command line, among other things. Additionally, it includes SG-Git integration to make creating WordPress repos easier. This feature lets you create a Git repository of your WordPress setup for easy access later on. You’ll also have the ability to use multiple versions of PHP, from 7.0 to 5.3 and unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases that can be accessed via phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin.

Last, this host has released dozens of well-designed, well-developed and well-secured free topics. Anyone can download these themes, but SiteGround customers can have them installed on their WordPress accounts at no cost.
Every plan comes with a free CloudFlare account which lets you enable a CDN for your site. A CDN essentially increases website speed by distributing access to your site across servers all over the world so your users can connect to a server that’s closest to them.Additionally, it uses four data centers located in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific to help out even further.

Daily Backups – SiteGround performs daily backups for each hosting plan. If you buy a premium shared hosting plan or higher, you’ll have access to 30 copies of your copies as well as simple restoration features, like a Backup Tool installed in cPanel.

SiteGround’s hosting fees – Particularly for their shared hosting plans, are rather affordable compared to similar hosts. You’ll even receive a free domain name when you purchase your plan. Keep in mind SiteGround’s hosting prices are even cheaper with our voucher, which provides you access to discounts as high as 60%. Trying out this host can also be risk free with SiteGround’s 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Free Website Transfers – If you aren’t an experienced developer and feel intimidated by having to move your site from 1 web hosting server to another, you can take advantage of SiteGround’s free site transfer service. This support is available for single websites and complete cPanel account migrations.

This server also supports ecommerce sites. By way of instance, SSL certificates are available free of charge via SiteGround’s partnership with Let’s Encrypt. It offers hosting plans especially for ecommerce sites, which feature cPanel and Softaculous to make it effortless for you to one-click install 18 different ecommerce software. Including Magento, Presta Shop and OpenCart.

Email hosting is available for a low, monthly fee. Every email account you create is free of charge. Your email accounts are protected by SpamAssassin and SpamExperts to reduce the quantity of outgoing and incoming spam your accounts give and get.

The Main Disadvantage of Hosting with SiteGround SiteGround is a wonderful host, but no host is ideal. Let us talk about its primary disadvantage in compared to other hosts. SiteGround offers a low and very limited quantity of web storage for websites, especially on its shared hosting plans. The most space you have access to on its shared hosting plans is 30GB, which is only on its most expensive plan. This is in comparison to other shared hosting providers offering unlimited amounts of storage space on their shared hosting plans.

If you need more than 30GB, you will need to purchase a cloud or dedicated hosting program, which can be quite expensive. All of these plans include cPanel and Softaculous, and even though they’re powered by shared hosting environments, their accounts are different to ensure vulnerabilities that exist in one account cannot affect the security of another.

SiteGround provides four cloud hosting programs, all of which have different specs and tools. However, every plan is powered by a Linux-based system running on a solid state drive. These servers are fully managed, and you can add additional resources whenever you need to. You can even take advantage of SiteGround’s auto-scale feature that uses more resources automatically to protect your website from traffic spikes.

Dedicated Hosting Plans from SiteGround

SiteGround’s dedicated hosting plans have added specs and resources, which often consist of several CPUs and hard drives. The business offers full management services for your server, which has exactly the same features as SiteGround’s cloud servers. However, this type of server has support for five dedicated IPs instead of one.

SiteGround is a web host for everyone, from small-time bloggers and big-time businesses to professional web developers. It gives enough hosting plans and services to suit every type of user. This host is a great alternative for WordPress novices. Its knowledge base and tutorial sections are filled with articles about how to perform basic tasks. You’ll have the ability to understand how to set up the CMS through cPanel, the way to install your first theme, the way to install plugins, the way to secure your website, the way to backup your website manually and more.

You will also receive heaps of help from SiteGround’s support team, which includes being able to ask them to install WordPress documents, theme files and everything else you require. WordPress and Blogger are wonderful places to host a free site, but self-hosted WordPress is built for professional sites. SiteGround is a excellent host to choose if you’re just starting out.

It has cost-effective shared hosting plans that have sufficient power and resources to maintain your small-time blog afloat, and you can also upgrade smoothly as you grow. Larger Firms and Ecommerce Shops. For those who have a larger business or ecommerce shop, you will find loads of plans and services capable of looking after your website as it gets hit with traffic and safety threats. There are a variety of different premium plans for you to choose from if shared hosting servers can not fulfill your needs.

There are also security features built into each plan in addition to a firewall and free SSL certificates, which provide a wonderful way for you to ensure your clients personal and billing information remains safe. SiteGround also enables you to register, host and manage domains and domain name email addresses from your account. Having all of this under one roof can help streamline the way you run your business. Experienced WordPress Users & Professional Web Developers

This is also a excellent host for professional web developers. The staging area is a superb way for you to check new sites, plugins, themes and custom code without affecting the live version of a site. This host also provides freedom in the way they allow you to use FTP servers, different versions of PHP and other programming languages.

It’s also a wonderful option for developers who maintain their customers’ sites on a long-term basis, as stated earlier. The reseller hosting plans are truly great ways for the company to add hosting as a service so that your clients never need to worry about anything that’s too technical.

Site Ground Hosting Plans

Go Daddy WordPress Hosting Review


GoDaddy Hosting Experts: Features and Benefits

GoDaddy’s four primary hosting options (note: Multiple pricing plans within each choice) aim to satisfy any type of entrepreneur, by the complete newbie to large-sized corporation.

1)Shared Web Hosting : Personal space on one server; “apartment complex” concept ($3.99-$8.99 per month).

2) Managed VPS Hosting: Select any Virtual Private Server program and access the energy of a dedicated server. Suited for high-traffic sites, creative services, and top-notch developers.
Dedicated Server Plans: GoDaddy ultimate in website performance, safety, and control.

Common GoDaddy benefits regardless of the strategy you select include:”One-click” installment of over one-hundred fifty programs, such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. 24/7 customer hosting support via telephone or chat. Reliability and Performance Guarantees (Thirty-second setup, Unlimited bandwidth, Resource Usage alerts, Backup and restore features, etc.) MySQL and cPanel administration, Image Magick, Logs, Site statistics etc..

Disadvantages of Godaddy WordPress Hosting

In recent years, GoDaddy has had some high profile problems related to downtime and its pricing policies. Some assert that its advertised low prices are merely facades to snare unsuspecting prospects. A 30-day “No-Risk” trial offer, if not an unconditional month-to-month hosting plan could help in this regard. Right now, you have to upgrade to a Deluxe or Ultimate plan to make the most of month-to-month payment plans.

Paying for your site builder (a dollar per month) is also a minor drag that few of GoDaddy’s main competitors demand. Still, you are compensated with an above average builder that’s easy to use and generates good-looking websites quickly.

The base Quick Shopping Cart ($9.99 a month) e-commerce applications might be a bit more complicated that competing software, but the end result is a more flexible storefront appearance. You do get 1GB of disk space, Quick Books integration, fraud management tools, and credits from Bing, Facebook, and Google Adwords.

GoDaddy has largely shed its racy image to become a significant player in business hosting, thanks to numerous specialized tools which include Linux and Windows servers, VPS, flexible website creation tools, WordPress access, and knowledgeable customer support. Just the heaviest GoDaddy corporate programs run for hundreds of dollars monthly, and many online entrepreneurs now can get started for about fifty dollars USD.

Web hosting for all of the technology involved is still a customer-oriented business, and GoDaddy continues to shine for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Friendly and prompt service for the most part and a solid frequently asked questions (FAQ) database to boot.

So which hosting you preferred from above 5 Best Web Hosting Sites in India ? Or you know any other hosting sites better then this, if yes then you can comment below. For any queries regarding hosting, blogging you can contact me anytime or you can comment below.

I highly recommend you all to get any one form above Best Web Hosting Sites in India. These 5 sites have a good name and good service. Think well before you buy it. Share your experience in comment section below. If you found this article Best Web Hosting Sites In India useful, please share it on your social profiles.

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