Business to do online

Business to do online: How to launch an online business

There are so many business to do online, starting from selling products to completing an online surveys for money. In this article i will share with you few tips on how to launch an online business and different type of o business to do online.

How to launch an online business

How to launch an online business
How to launch an online business

Online business, normally referred to as ebusiness is a business which happens over the internet. Anyone can start running an online business easily. Online businesses can come in different platforms such as selling product or providing online services or others. It is crucial to learn how to launch an online business if you want to succeed in this market.

Different type of business to do online

1. Selling products

The traditional business to do online is selling and buying products and services. Few things to consider before start selling products or services online:

1. Find a niche:

When you consider what business to do online, you need to understand the people buying psycology. Most people buy things or services to solve their problems or to make their lives easier. So the best thing to find a niche for your online business is to consider if there is any current problems you can solve with your products or services.

2. Create a plan

You have find a niche, so what to do now? You have to start writing a business plan. I will suggest you to write down all your business key strength, weakness, threat, and opportunities (SWOT analysis) and competitor research. By knowing what your strength are and what your competitors are doing you can find out a way to make your online business better.

3. Start selling an earning

Online businesses can have different online business-fronts (how they appear on the internet). These can take many forms, such as:
• Create your own websites
• Online shops or marketplaces such as eBay, craiglist etc
• Selling on social media

Advantages and disadvantages of selling products online: 

There are a lot of things to consider before making the decision to start an online business escpecially if you are not a tech savvy person.


  • You can save cost in rent and staffs
    Flexibility in product delivery
  • You can offer your products or services Australiawide (or worldwide)


  • Some tech knowledge might be required to run an online business
  • Possibility of online scams and frauds

2. Affiliate marketing

One of the easiest business to do online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate is basically promoting products or offers through affiliate networks and earning commissions for every purchase you refer.

Before you start doing affiliate marketing, i will suggest you to read the following pros and cons:


  • Easy registration. Most of the times there is no fee to become an affiliate and start promoting their products or services.
  • Work from anywhere, so affiliate marketing is a good idea for anyone who wants to work from home.
  • The merchant is most of the time will provide all materials for marketing the products or services, as well as customer support and shipping.
  • Affiliate marketing is a great source of passive income. A lot of people do affiliate marketing successfully while working full time.
  • If you work from home, parts of your home officr lights, internet, etc can be claimed for tax deduction.
  • Work for yourself so you dont have to worry about pleasing your boss, management etc.
  • Work at your own schedule that suits your lifestyle

Sounds good? Well dont start looking for affiliate networks just yet. Below i have compiled a list of cons in affiliate marketing


  • Like any business, if you want to succeed you got to put the work in.
  • Possibility of not getting your commissions. Before promoting an affiliate offer you have to research if it is legit or scam.
  • Possibility of frauds and hijacking.
  • No control over the affiliate offer. Basically you have no control over the affiliate offer you are promoting.
  • Low barrier entry. As it is easy to sign up to become an affiliate, more and more people start doing affiliate marketing hence creating more competitions.
  • There is no guarantee you will make money overnight or even for weeks. Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.


Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business to do online. Yes it is very competitive, however more and more people are using the internet nowadays so you can always potentially get a share of this market. You can also read this guide I wrote before on how to make money from affiliate marketing for beginners. 

3. Making money from searching the web

Well, like the title says you can start making money from browsing internet.

To start making money from browsing internet you normally need to do few different things the companies may ask, like:

  • Complete paid surveys
  • Watch or click advertisements
  • Test app (you can read the guide here)

I have written articles on how to make money from searching the web and how to make money from surveys previously, i suggest you to check them out if you are looking for casual business to do online with no set up fee and commitments.

4. Do some freelance work

One of the most popular business to do online nowadays is to do some freelance work. Working with freelancers has become more acceptable and attractive for many businesses, which creates amazing opportunities if you have some skills you can offer other people.

Freelance business to do online:


Fiverr is a great place to start, where you can offer your service/gig from $5. I know it sounds so little but you can offer a small part of your service for $5 and offer your customers some add-on service. For example if you are good at SEO you can offer website analysis for $5. With this $5 web analysis gig you can provide add-on services or gig extras for implementing some on site or off site SEO for your client.

I suggest you to read this article about make money on fiverr in best and easy ways. 

Freelance website

There are a numbers of freelancer website you can sign up to, some of the more popular ones are freelancer, upwork. The registration process is quite simple and once you become a member you just need to search for available jobs that you can do and submit an application with a cover letter to the hiring manager. If he likes your application he will then hire you.

If you are just starting out, there are other websites i will suggest you also to take a look such as microworkers, designcrowd, fourerr, gigbucks, peoplebyhour. It will give you an idea of which websites work best to achieve your goals and help you learn how to launch an online business.

You might also be interested to learn how to make money from YouTube. 

Hope you find this article useful and you learn how to launch an online business. If you like what you read please share it to your social profiles and subscribe to our newsletter.