Whatsapp Blue Ticks Disable it [2018 Method Updated]

In this post you will learn How to Disable or enable Whatsapp Blue Ticks or you can say Whatsapp Double Tick Hide for free.  Read this post also if whatsapp blue ticks not working.


whatsapp blue ticks
Disable Whatsapp blue ticks
Whatsapp is a basic need, Everybody uses it. It has the ability to share the files, even large files, even we can have a free call both audio and video whatsapp call faster and easier. We mostly send messages to our friends, cousins, colleagues. I get too many messages on, i’m not able to reply all those. If i read it and don’t reply, the sender may get angry or may give a bad reaction. After reading the message the blue ticks appear. So here i found the best and simple solution to disable blue ticks on Whatsapp and read the message.

Why People Love Whatsapp?

Reason 1) 
It’s Fast, free and easy to use.
Reason 2)
It connects people, no matter which country they belong to.
Reason 3)
It can be used on mobile or PC/Laptop
Reason 4) 
You can send images, video or audio files in fast and easy manner.
Reason 5)
You can block anyone easily the person you wantt.
Reason 6) 
Good privacy.
Reason 7)
You can make free calls to those who use Whatsapp.

How to Disable or Enable Whatsapp Blue Ticks ?

First update your Whatsapp to latest version. After updating the Whatsapp to latest version follow these simple steps.

whatsapp setting page

  • Open Whatsapp > settings > account > privacy.
  • Then hide the read receipts option, it will hide  easily the blue ticks.

This process will help you to hide easily the blue ticks, now the sender won’t get to know, that you have read the message. This is the best way to avoid someone’s message. None of your sender can’t see that you have read your message or not, it’s not for single sender.

I hope you all find it easy to hide blue ticks on Whatsapp. In case if you still not getting, comment below i will get back to you.

So did you disable the blue ticks ? So now how’s your experience ?



This Trick can help you to not to know the Sender, whether you have read the message or not
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