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Grow Twitter Followers: How to Get More Followers on Twitters

Grow Twitter Followers

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks nowadays and If you can grow twitter followers you can improve your business’s profile. In this article i will share few tips and tricks on how to get more followers on twitter.  

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A High number of twitter followers tells that you are more influential and noteworthy. So the more followers you have the more you can grow Twitter followers.

Here are some strategies on how to get more followers on twitter, re-tweets and a loyal group of Twitter friends:

1. Share Great Content

Get more followers on twitter
Get more followers on twitter

Great content can help you grow twitter followers and get more engagements on your posts. The key to a great post is understanding your audiences and what they are interested in.

Here are some tips on how get more followers on twitter by sharing great content:

  • Your tweets needs to be valuable to your audience. It should be informative, entertaining or solving their problems.
  • Your tweets should be well-written and try using eye catching images or GIF whenever possible. Research says that tweet hat include photos receive an average 35% boost in retweets.
  • Remember not to be too promotional or pushy. I am not saying not to promote your products but do it subtly. Ensure that it is something that adds value for your audience like an special offer or event, intead of “Look at our products, isn’t it awesome?
  • Be funny whenever appropriate. Funny tweets are more likely to be re-tweeted. However don’t try to force humor if it is not what you like or if it does not fit your brand or personalities.
  • Try posting an engaging video or a poll
    Tweet questions that get a response. For example you can ask for a review or feedback of a popular product.
  • My suggestio is for you to introduce people to new things or trend as people love to be the first one to share something new or interesting to their own circle of network.

2. Timing is everything

Get followers on twitter
Get followers on twitter

To get followers on twitter, you should tweet at the right time so your post to be seen by the largest audience possible. Research says that the best time to post is at 3 pm Monday-Friday. You can start there and see what works for you and when do you get most re-tweets, comments or likes.

3. Schedule your tweets

You should tweet the right amount. Never bombard the audience with too many tweets, your followers might even end up un-follow you. On the other hand, if you tweet too little it might suggest to some that you are not worth following. I will suggest to post at least once a day. Keep an eye on your twitter’s analytics and how your audience reacts to your post.

You can use tools like Hootsuite to schedule tweets in advance. This will not only save you time but will make it easier for you to post at the best time and frequency which works for you to get more followers on twitter.

4. Follow More People

The best way to grow Twitter followers is to follow people yourself. Everytime you follow people, they will get a notification which will give them a chance to check your profile and follow you back. When you follow the right people you can get more followers on twitter pretty quickly using this method.

How to find people to follow:

You can use Twitter’s Who to Follow lists to find people who have common interests and tweets with you.

I will highly recommend to follow those who follow your competitors. You can check the user comparison function of
followerwonk. Followerwonk allows you to compare the followers of your industry’s influencers and extract the ones they have in common.

How to get more followers on twitter by following new users:

  • When following new users, make sure that they have the same interests or in the same industry as you. If they find your twitter account is full of posts thet they find valuable, there is a good chance they will follow you back.
  • When you follow these new people you might want to browse their feeds and find a tweet you can respond to immediately. By doing so, it will tell them that you are paying attention and will often follow you back.

Trick to get followers on twitter fast:

Using the method i mentioned above you should start following 150 targeted users, some might follow you and some might not. The issue with this is your followers to following ratio will be greater than 1:1 and your following capacity might be capped by twitter, so the solution is to unfollow people who don’t follow you back. You should wait for 2-3 days and start un-follow 100 people who dont follow you.

There are a number of third party websites/tools that allow you to unfollow people who don’t follow you back within minutes, such as:

For only $55 dollars, you can get an automated tool that will follow new users and then unfollows them in a few days if they don’t follow you back. Using TweetAdder, you have an option to follow people who are following your competitors or tweet a certain keyword phrase.

Justunfollow is simple, easy to use and completely free. You can unfollow people not following you back within minutes using this tool.

5. Perfect your #hashtag game

Hashtags can help you grow Twitter Followers by showing your tweets to relevant audiences. Tweets with hashtags normally get twice as much engagement compared to those without them.

To get followers on twitter fast you can even use hastags #AutoFollow or #TeamFollowback Hashtags. When you search for these hashtags on Twitter, you’ll find a group of people who will automatically follow anyone who follows them.

6. Join Conversations

There are a few third party plugins like InboxQ or the Holy grail of follower-building, Advanced Twitter Search which you can use to search for people talking about topics that you’re an expert in. Look for for people who is expressing questions and looking for answers.

7. Join “Twitter Chats”

A twitter chat is a place where users gather to discuss a particular topic on a predefined time. A host will normally post questions one by one followed by hashtags and twitter users can engage with these questions by posting their opinion and answers.

By joining a twitter chat you can make new friends and grow Twitter followers. You can participate in a chat directly through twitter or you can use

8. Find Influencers and engage with them

Connecting with twitter influencers in your industry can boost your reputation and help you get more followers on Twitter at the same time.

Influencers are already well-known among their audience. By efficiently using their reputation you can get followers on Twitter fast organically.

Learn how to get more followers on twitter using influencer:

  • Use Statusbrew or Buzzsumo’s influencer researh and find the right influencers in your industry on Twitter.
  • Add the Influencers to your twitter’s public list. Make sure to name the list something extremely flaterring to shie them how important their work is to you.
  • Monitor their Twitter activity and comment, re-tweet their Tweets regularly or Mention them in the Tweet while you share your post on Twitter

Most people think that the influencers will be too busy to respond. However trust me, they are influencers because they respond and engage with their audiences.

9. Remember to link twitter to other social media profiles and website

Make sure to link to Twitter from other social profiles to get followers on twitter fast. You can entise people to follow you by giving exclusive offers, a poll, contents available only on Twitter.

You can also cross-promote your Twitter account by adding “Follow” button tweets on website, email signatures, newsletter, instagram, facebook, and any other social media profiles.


Hope this article help you learn how to get more followers on twitter. If you have any other suggestions on how to grow Twitter followers please let me know. If you like this article please remember to share and subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you for reading this article on how to get more followers on twitter.