Fix Google Play Store Errors like 491 and 498 2018 [Latest Method]

Errors are headache. We always need to resolve it as soon as possible. It’s like more then Headache when we want to download or update an App in play store and we get errors. On mytechelite you will know here How to Fix Google Play Store Errors like 491 and 498.
Error 498 is often faced when we download whatsapp. Whatsapp error 498 code is commonly faced by play store errors. 
There are errors in itunes like error 3194. So here i am to resolve your problems and will give you the simple solution on how to fix errors like 491 and 498 in google play store. Earlier I had explained how to fix errors like 927 and 194 in play store. Follow these simple steps given below

Fix Google Play Store Errors like 491 and 498
Fix Google Play Store Errors like 491 and 498

Fix Google Play Store Errors like 491

Step #1) 
Go to Settings > Account.
Step #2)
Select Google and select the which google account you want to remove.
Step #3)
Click the menu icon and hit remove.
Step #4) 
Now after removing your google account, reboot(restart) your device.
Step #5)
Now again add your google account.
Step #6)
That’s it you’re done.
So does this method helped you to solve the error 491 in google play store ?. So now you won’t get this error again, if you get you can use above method to solve it.
Now let’s move to different error. that is error 498 in play store. Just follow these simple steps.

How To Fix Error 498 in Google Play Store?

Method 1
Step #1) 
Go to settings > account > Select the google account which you using it. 
Step #2)
Remove that google account.
Step #3)
Now again go to settings > Application manager > google play store, now clear the cache and data and now force stop the app.
Step #4)
Now reboot your device, it will ask you for google account. Add your google account, that’s it.
Method 2
Go to google play store > settings >  and add new account. After creating a new account. Continue with your downloading.
Errors are often faced in play store, solve your error like 491 and 498 with the above method. If you are still confused and are not able to fix above error you can comment below or contact me. If you found this article useful, please share it on your social profiles.

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