Free Backlink from Pinterest PR9 [Boost your Rankings 2018]

Pinterest is becoming Popular day by day. We can get good traffic from it easily. If you don’t have any pictures in your blog posts, you can’t share on it. People look for SEO backlinks or for Pinterest Link. It has good Alexa Rank, high PR, so you can imagine how much it’s beneficial for you. Today I will tell you ‘How to get a Free Dofollow Backlink from Pinterest’. Previously I told how to get backlink from Facebook, google drive and Youtube.

At backlink checker you can see the link from pinterest if you get it. There are many backlink checker tools like ahref, semrush or Majestic. With Pinterest pin Button you can submit Images fast and free.

how to get dofollow backlink from pinterest
Backlink from Pinterest


How Popular is Pinterest ?

#1) Global Alexa Rank is 40.

#2) Domain analysis is too good.

  Get a Free Dofollow Backlink From Pinterest

  • First you need your profile on Pinterest.
  • Then you need to add your blog URL and you need to verify it , then only it can be a dofollow Backlink, if you don’t verify ,it would be nofollow .


    How to Verify your Blog on Pinterest ?

 Just Follow these simple steps and verify your Blog on Pinterest

  • Log in to Your Pinterest Account.
  • Go to your Profile and Click on edit Profile.
mytechelite -pinterest profile
  • Just fill the details, enter your Blog URL and click verify Button .
  • Now there are two methods for verification ‘verify with a meta tag’ just copy the meta tag and paste the code in your template below the  <head>  and then click to complete verification. And you are done.


  • The other method is ‘Download verification file’ you just need to download the file and upload into your Domain directory and then click to complete verification. And you are done.
mytechelite -pinterest profile
If you are still confused you can ask me question related to post anytime, i will come back to you. Thank you all in advance. If you found this article useful, please share it on your social profiles.

I highly recommend you all to get a dofollow backlink from Pinterest. Getting backlink such a high PR site can give you lots of benefits.

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