Make money from testing apps

How to Make Money from Testing Apps: App Testing Sites

There are about million ways to make money on the internet, but one of the easiest is to make money from testing apps.

So how can you make money from testing apps exactly?

Before an app is published to the public, the developer needs to make sure that it is user friendly and there is no bugs or errors. The easiest way to find if the app has any issues is to have real people test the app. However on the other hand, of course the developers will not want to risk getting any negative feedbacks or rating from the real live users, especially if it is a paid app. So the solution is to have people test their apps before they release it to the public. And for that reason app testing websites like elusive stars, userlytics exist.

For example

Let’s say the developers of Clash of Clans create a new game app. They want to test the app to see if there is any issues before they publish the app to public so they go to one of app testing websites, register as developer, post the project and get real feedbacks from real live users like you and me.

How much money can I make from testing apps?

Every app testing pays a different amount and how much you make money from testing apps depends on the developer of the app and their requirements.

To be chosen to test certain apps, you will need to fit into a certain demographics. App developer mainly looks for testers at certain age, sex and sometimes with specific interests.

App testing will not make you rich and quit your day job but it can help you make some extra money here and there, and try some new apps and games before everyone else did.

How can i start making money from testing apps?

All you need is computer or any smart phone devices to start making money from testing apps.

There are a lot of opportunities to make money from testing apps available. However of course there is no such thing as free lunch and you will need to put some effort and time doing it to make decent money from it.

App testing normally requires you to:

  • Explain what you like and dislike about the app
  • Explain your actions while testing the app and why such actions were taken
  • Make suggestions and feedbacks to make it better
  • Explain your thoughts while testing the app.

All of these information will be used by the app developer to fix or improve the app before its launch.

Where Can I Find Paid App Testing Opportunities?

There are a few app testing websites available nowadays. I have compiled a list of some the most resputable ones below:

1. UserTesting

Make money from testing apps - Usertesting
Make money from testing apps – Usertesting

UserTesting is one of the most popular app testing websites. You will need to complete a quick 5 minutes test to be accepted as a app tester. Once you’re approved you can get paid up to $15 for every app testing you complete. A test normally takes 20 mins to complete.

2. Userlytics

Make money from testing apps
Make money from testing apps -Userlytics

There is no application process to be a member of userlytics. You just need to have a webcam, microphone, Windows 7 (or later) or Mac OS X Leopard 10.6 (or later), and an up-to-date smartphone. Then you need to sign up and keep an eye out for any test invitation you receive. You can earn from $10 per app testing.


Make money from testing app
Make money from testing app

You can provide can provide your feedback on apps, websites, video games, and electronics as testbirds tester. Most of their tests can make you earn $10, some even higher.

4. Ferpections

Make money from app testing
Make money from app testing

I know few people making up to $100 per month testing both sites and mobile applications. When testing the apps, You will need to take some screenshots on your phone or tablet, with an accompanying explanation and feedback of your experience.

5. Beta Family

Make money from app testing
Make money from app testing

BetaFamily is specifically for testing Android and iOS apps. Their tests normally take around 45–60 minutes, and you can earn $10. You will be rated from each app testings you take and as your rating increases you will be invited to test more apps.

6. AppCoiner

Make money from testing apps
Make money from testing apps

Getting paid to test apps with AppCoiner is very easy and they accept members from every country in the world too! You can make money everytime you write an honest review of the app on the AppCoiner app.

Above are a list of app testing sites to start with however there are a lot more available out there.

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