Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook Page [100% Working 2018 Method]

We must add Facebook to our basic needs, as we all time need it. Huge people have a Facebook Page, like I have of Mytechelite. Learn here How to remove Bad reviews on Facebook Page. We get traffic on our page by various ways through different sites. Pages are for audience and audience have a right to give a feedback, it can be good or negative, positive reviews gives more beneficial results, but what if some bad review hurt your page, you will get tensed. Learn How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Facebook
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Bad reviews can give negative results. What if you want to Remove Bad reviews on Facebook Page. So today I will tell you ‘Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook‘. Follow these simple Tutorial given below. Create Company Facebook Page Without Personal Page
There are many people who provide Facebook Fake reviews. You can Delete all Facebook Messages in one click. So might simply put negative reviews on your Facebook Page so you must to know how to remove negative reviews from facebook page. Remove apps from Facebook Page

Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook
Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook

Why to Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook

Reason #1)
Bad impression for audience and also for new or upcoming fans, readers.
Reason #2) 
High Chance of loosing trust of your valuable readers.
Reason #3)

Readers will doubt that page is a scam.
Reason #4)
Surely loose your lots of traffic.

How To Remove Facebook Negative Reviews or Remove Bad Reviews on Facebook ?

Step #1)
Open your Facebook Page.

Facebook Page of mytechelite

Step #2)

Now see the left side of your page where the reviews are written, there you can found “x”. Click the “x” the single review will get removed.

Now if you think to remove all these reviews, have a look to these methods

Go to settings > apps > and remove the reviews app.

And remember this bad reviews will get removed from your page, but you cannot remove it from reviewer’s feed, the reviewer’s facebook friend can see it.
And there is no method for removing it. Just you and your fans/readers won’t see that bad review.
Share the quality content, intentionally nobody will write a bad review. If your content is not proper or useless or waste of time, high a bad review on your page.

Video of Remove negative reviews from facebook





I request you all to use this simple  method to remove bad reviews on Facebook. If you think its complicated i request you to read once again you will get my point. Check your Profile Visitor on Facebook

I will get back to you soon. If you found this article useful, please recommend this article to your friends, let them also read and get the benefits. Block Facebook Game RequestsHave a great day ahead.

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