Send Large Files on Whatsapp [2018 Method Updated]

Everybody is familiar with Whatsapp. We all time chat or share the files and also we can make free call on it. Sending images is easy, it takes very less time, but the large files more than 16 MB are not able to send on Whatsapp. On mytechelite you can learn here How to Send Large Files on Whatsapp. It’s random you can’t guess or decide first when you would like to send or share the large video files. It’s better to learn first only. Learning at last moment wastes the time and mood. Many of times question rises like how to send large video and audio files on whatsapp for android and iphone. Read this post to know Send Large Files on Whatsapp.
Once I was sending an audio file of 20 MB to my friend, I got an error showing that the media file you have selected is larger than 16 MB unable to send the file. Then I was worried little how we can send large files on Whatsapp. Then I found the best and simple tricks for How to send large files on whatsapp. I founded two ways. Just follow these simple steps.


how to send large files on whatsapp



Two Ways to Send Large Files on Whatsapp 


  • Whatsapp video editor 
  • Convert videos on your smartphone

1) Whatsapp video editor

Whatsapp video editor feature allows you to trim or cut your video. When you try to share a video more than 16 MB  in new update, Whatsapp will open video editor within the app. With this video editor you can easily cut or trim the video file less than 16 MB, which will allow you to share the file.


2) Convert videos on your smartphone


This is the second method, also a simple way go to play store download any video convertor app. It will let you to shorten the video file, so than you can easily share with your friends.

So from above two methods, which one method you applied ? Does these method helped you all ?




I highly recommend you all to use these two simple methods, it will help you for sure. Sometimes it’s too much necessary to send the Large Files. Hope you all Enjoyed the detailed Description of ‘How to Send Large Files on Whatsapp. If you found this article useful, please share it on your social profiles. Have a nice day ahead.

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