Improve Alexa Rank Quickly with Alexa Ranking Widget

Alexa Rank Plays an Important Role for a Blog. Today on mytechelite you will get to know how to Improve Alexa Rank. Benefits of Increase Alexa Rank is It Attracts advertisers, sponsors, and readers. Anyone can check the rank just by entering the site name on

Many Bloggers often search on google for how to increase alexa rank quickly, how to decrease alexa rank fast, Boost Alexa Rank Software, etc. But after reading this mytechelite post you do not need to search for anything. Here is the full description to Improve Alexa Rank.

Having a good Alexa Rank will give you good results to your Blog. It shows the backlinks and also the from where the blog is getting traffic, traffic sources and the top 5 keywords which have been ranked properly. So Today I will Tell you about ‘5 Best Tips to Improve Alexa Rank of your Blog .’

Improve Alexa Rank
Improve Alexa Rank

What is Alexa Rank ?

Alexa tells you the rank of a Blog and Website, mainly the traffic status is explained. It gets updated daily. It does not Counts all the Traffic, only those who have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. So if you are getting traffic from Alexa toolbar users, your Alexa rank will improve daily. So we can say alexa is damn selfish. If you yourself are visiting your blog with Alexa toolbar installed then it will count your visit also.

Why Alexa Rank is So Important ?

Advertise and Sponsors first look at the Alexa rank. If you have good Alexa rank, you can easily attract Advertisers and Sponsors. Blogs with good Alexa rank can help bloggers to make good money from sponsors and advertisers. Good Alexa rank can help you to make good money and even the blog will get popular.

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How to Improve Alexa Rank ?

1) Claim your site on Alexa 

This is the first and east step you need to do. Just sign up for free account on and submit your blog. Claiming your site is like a verification process. So claim your site now.
2) Install Alexa toolbar 
As I said it counts the only visits who have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. So install the toolbar and get benefit of your own visit. And we all visit our blog everyday. I have already installed the chrome extension.
3) Add Alexa widget to your blog
Adding Alexa widget will help their servers to track the traffic in a better way. Add the widget in your blog and check the good results. I do have good results by adding it.
4) Write a Quality content 
Make your readers happy, so that they visit your blog always. If the readers like your content they will share it. It will result into more traffic towards your blog. Content is king, it’s damn true and it works 100%. Focus on content more, other than thinking about shortcuts.
5) Write a Review about Alexa 
Every Blog loves to get a good review from their readers. Alexa is also like a blog they do love to get a review from their readers. Writing a review can give you huge benefits.

Some more tips

  • Link Building
  • HQ content
  • Update your blog Daily
  • Write Fresh Content
  • Long Content, atleast of 1200 words



Alexa rank can help you to attract advertisers and sponsors, so I highly recommend you to give some time in improving your blog’s Alexa rank. If you found this article of Improve Alexa Rank useful, then please share it on your social profiles.

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