Make Money on Fiverr in Best and Easy Ways [2018 Method]

Many of us like to make money on Internet through Freelancing. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing site famous globally. So on mytechelite here you will get to Make Money on Fiverr. This Fiverr tutorial can easily help you to make lot of serious fast money on Fiverr. Read this full post and Make Money on Fiverr. Before I Explained How to Make Money on Internet and Make Money on Maxbounty
In a very detailed explained how to use Fiverr to make money. In 2016 I made a lot of money on Fiverr by using this method. 
Fiverr was founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufma in 2009. It has huge traffic with so many gigs listed by the users. Anyone can buy or sell the gigs. There are more than 3 million services ranging from $5 to $500.
Many of them make thousands of dollars easily. You just need to list the gigs and give the proper service. Good service can turn into good reviews which will get you more orders.
Some of people may donate you some money if they like the gigs service which you provide them.
I will guide you everything about fiverr in this post.

Make Money on Fiverr
Make Money on Fiverr

Why Fiverr is Best to Make Money on Internet?

Reason #1) 
It’s fast, free and easy.
Reason #2) 
It pays fast and safe.
Reason #3)
Simple work , short work and  good money
Reason #4) 
Huge variety of categories for listing the gigs.

Reason #5)

More then 3 million services.

Make Money on Fiverr

Step #1) Open Fiverr, Sign up.

Make Money on Fiverr

Step #2) Fill the proper details.
Step #3) List the gigs with proper images and description.

create new gig on fiverr

Step #4) Add tags and keywords (minimum 3 tags are required).

Tags and keywords on fiverr

Step #5)  Add a video about your gigs.

How to Promote the Gigs on Fiverr ?

Fiverr has a huge traffic, so if you have added keywords properly, you don’t need to promote anywhere outside the Fiverr. But still you can try social media. I never promoted my gigs on social media.
I just know two secret ways to promote, through which i get more orders for my gigs. 

#1) Create a dummy account and buy your gig twice or thrice. You will loose $2 or $3 give the good reviews.

#2) Try to get more visitors, if you can’t you can buy fake visitors from fiverr only.

This two things always work and have given a good result to me.

Which Gigs Should I Create on Fiverr?

Apply for those for which you are good at, because good service can get good reviews and because of good reviews you can get more orders. Like i am good in logo designing and graphic designing. So i listed the gigs related to it.

1) Tutorials

2) Logo Designing

3) Social Media Marketing

4) Seo Service

5) Blog post

Levels in Fiverr

There are some levels for sellers, based on their performance. 
Level 1 Seller – 30 days active + 10 sales + excellent rating.
Level 2 Seller – 50 orders within 2 months + excellent rating.

These are just examples, you can create gigs like this or whatever you like. You may get confused, no worry you can contact me anytime. I will get back to you soon. 

It’s not like adsense or affiliate marketing, you get paid soon within 15 days through paypal or bank transfer.


I highly recommend you all to join it and make some good cash with these tricks so that you can Make Money on Fiverr. It takes less time to complete any gigs. Hope you all enjoyed the description of Make Money on Fiverr. Found this article useful, please share it on your social profiles.

Have a nice day. God bless you all.

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